About Us


My name’ s Lisa, I’m 38 and the oldest sister. I would say I am the caretaker of the sisters, the one they call with a problem (mainly Hayley). I love coffee, I love wine and I love over dressing for any occasion (even if that occasion is a night in my kitchen). I spent most of my twenty’s in toxic relationships and was a great believer in the fact you can never be too tanned or too blonde… (both of which you can, trust me). 

I’m now pleased to say my life is filled with a little more substance.  I am happily married and recently had my first baby, so I’m currently figuring out motherhood (through the use of goggle) and how to survive on one hour of sleep all at the same time. I think I’ve mellowed a lot since I hit 35, although I miss having a smooth face and the ability to drink a litre of vodkat without a hangover!


I am the youngest sister at 32. I am also the one that gets away with basically everything, my parents favourite child (despite what my sisters may say) and I’m always bringing some sort of drama to the table. My life has played out like a reality show; going from irresponsible party animal to mum!

My life changed two fold (for the better) when I had my son and now nearly eight years later I dare say I’m relatively responsible, extremely unselfish and deliriously tired. The transformation from human nightclub to accountable mother has taken time and has taught me many diverse lessons. The first being that as a mum you can truly feel as though you just aren’t important anymore. I have two children; a son and a daughter!